#15 – Everything You Need to Know About Fat Loss

Christina & Marissa dive deep into fat loss, covering everything you need to know to shed some fat as summer approaches! They talk about calorie deficits, how to monitor progress, when to make changes, and some health considerations when trying to lose fat.

([0:00]) – Intro

([8:19]) – Is Fat Loss Right For Me?

([17:52]) – What Is a Calorie Deficit?

([24:43]) – How Long Should a Fat Loss Phase Be?

([30:05]) – How Can You Monitor Progress?

([40:04]) – When Do You Make Changes?

([51:15]) – How Do You Decide to Stop a Fat Loss Phase

([55:35]) – Taking A Planned Break

([57:25]) – Diet Break vs. Refeed

([1:03:27]) – Fat Loss Considerations For Health

([1:05:57]) – How Do You Know When to Reverse Diet?

([1:12:33]) – Summary/Outro

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Producer: @shane_spellman