#17 – All About the Supplement Industry with CEO Doug Miller

Christina & Marissa sit down with Doug Miller, CEO of Core Nutritionals, Arms Race Nutrition, ‘Merica Labz, Merica Energy, and The Nutrition Corners. He is also a 2x Drug Free Pro Bodybuilding World Champion. Doug talks about how he got into the industry, proprietary blends, some red flags to look for when buying supplements, and a basic health stack for beginners!

([0:00]) – Intro

([3:07]) – Doug’s Story

([11:40]) – Proprietary Blends

([17:00]) – Cost of Supplements

([20:27]) – Red Flags When Buying Supplements

([25:25]) – False Claims and cGMP Facilities

([33:00]) – Basic Beginner Supplement Stack

([39:45]) – Putting it All Together

([44:36]) – What is Your Best Advice for Living a Healthy Lifestyle?

([47:50]) – Key Takeaways

([49:37]) – Outro

Want to reach out to Doug?

Email: doug@corenutritionals.com

Instagram: @dougmillerpro

Website: http://www.corenutritionals.com

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Producer: @shane_spellman