#20 – Variation in Responses to Training With Greg Nuckols

Christina & Marissa sit down with researcher, powerlifter, and writer Greg Nuckols to discuss how different variables affect training! Greg goes deep into Genetic and Sex variation in training response, as well as placebo affect on strength gains, and how your expectations can frame how you progress.

([0:00]) – Intro

([7:46]) – Framing Today’s Conversation

([8:17]) – Response to Training

([18:10]) – Standard Deviation

([20:48]) – Genetic Variation in Training Response

([45:23]) – Placebo Effect on Strength Gains

([53:50]) – How Expectations Interact With Strength Gains

([1:07:30]) – Sex Difference in Training Response

([1:40:34]) – Practical Application

([1:44:15]) – What is Your Best Advice for Living a Healthy Lifestyle?

([1:47:08]) – Summary/Outro

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