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#7 – Injury Reduction & Pain Management with Nick Licameli

Christina & Marissa sit down with Nick Licameli DPT, Injury Reduction & Pain Management Specialist for 3DMJ. They hit on a little bit of everything from how to tell if your pain is normal or requires treatment, the role of mentality surrounding injury, and how Nick has updated his practices throughout the years.

([0:00]) – Intro

([8:05]) – Definition of ‘Injury’

([11:36]) – Normal Pain vs. Pain That Requires Treatment

([15:51]) – What is Your Process Like For Working Through Pain?

([29:36]) – Doctor Recommendations vs. Your Position/Views?

([39:56]) – Pain Does Not Always Equal Tissue Damage

([47:11]) – Role of Mentality Surrounding Injury

([50:41]) – Learning From the Process

([61:01]) – How Can You Best Prevent Injury?

([1:05:11]) – Bodybuilding Career – Competing & Judging

([1:08:59]) – How Have Your Practices Changed Throughout the Years?

([1:15:24]) – Attaching identity to Specific Practices

([1:18:41]) – Using Instagram as A Physical Therapist

([1:28:21]) – One Tip For Living a Healthy Lifestyle

([1:31:43]) – Summary/Outro

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