October 2019: Why NOT Being Perfect is Better For You Long-Term.

LIFE HAPPENS. Too many of us like to use this phrase as an excuse to toss our goals to the side, rip open a bag of chips or pint of ice cream, and sit our butts on the couch wallowing in self-pity. This newsletter is NOT advocating using “life happens” as an excuse, rather giving…
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September 2019: My BEST TIPS for Setting Up Your Most Successful Routine This Fall Season!

Today I am going to share with you all my best tips on PLANNING. 1. The first step to success is about staying organized and knowing exactly what you need to do and when.2. The second is taking ACTION on these plans. You can do one without the other, but the results will come quicker…
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March 2019: Easy Diet Swaps to Gear Yourself Toward Fat Loss

This month, I am going to STOP talking about New Year’s Resolutions and start shifting gears… because SPRING and SUMMER are around the corner. This means almost everyone is going to enter cutting season, and I want to make your transition as easy as possible. This month’s newsletter is going to be all about diet…
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February 2019: Staying Accountable to your New Year’s Goals

checking up on your New Year’s goals and holding you accountable moving forward.

August 2019: The Solutions to Your BEST Excuses

Team, the end of summer is upon us. Some of you may have made wonderful progress toward your goals, some of you may have made none at all. Either way, we all tend to self-sabotage every now and then, some of us more than others. Today I’m going to get REAL with you all –…
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July 2019: Travel & Stay on Track

TIP #1 Set realistic expectations. Let’s say you’re in a dieting phase, meaning your daily calories are a deficit. The likelihood of you being able to find options on-the-go that will consistently cater to your deficit are very slim. Not saying it’s impossible, and the more you pack and prepare for your trip, the easier…
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June 2019: Three Exclusive Macro Friendly Recipes!

Three free recipes straight from my Discipline Over Motivation 6 Week Guide!

May 2019: Three Free Workouts for YOU to Try

Three free resistance training workouts (and cardio) for you to try!

January 2019: New Years Goals

Happy New Year!! This email newsletter has been a LONG time coming since yousubscribed to this email list, but it is finally here, and I am going to be bringing you all monthly content from here on out – straight to your inbox.  This month, I want to focus on goal setting and New Years…
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