Episode 14 – Myth-busting & the Muscle and Strength Pyramids with Dr. Eric Helms

Christina & Marissa sit down with Chief Science Officer for 3DMJ, Dr. Eric Helms. They dive deep into the Muscle and Strength Training & Nutrition Pyramids and Eric talks all about how you can implement aspects of the pyramids for your own context!

([0:00]) – Intro

([5:32]) – Background of Muscle & Strength Pyramid

([16:32]) – Intention Behind Muscle & Strength Pyramid

([19:32]) – Overview of the Pyramids

([30:10]) – Mythbusting vs. Providing Useful Content

([43:23]) – The Role of Behavior & Lifestyle

([50:00]) – Tradeoffs Within Training and Nutrition

([56:25]) – Making the Pyramids Work for YOU

([1:00:45]) – What is the Concept of ‘Optimal’?

([1:15:20]) – What is Your Best Advice for Living a Healthy Lifestyle?

([1:18:30]) – Summary/Outro

Buy the books here: https://muscleandstrengthpyramids.com/

YouTube (Nutrition): https://youtu.be/GAvW6xBZjSk

YouTube (Training): https://youtu.be/OWmchPCyDvw

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Website: http://www.3dmusclejourney.com

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Producer: @shane_spellman