January 2021 FREE Guide: Setting Up Your OWN Macros!

If you missed my post on Instagram, then this is just for you. In these graphics that follow is my entire process for how I set macros for my clients.

I’m so happy to be bringing you this content and providing you this information for FREE – because this is what it’s all about. Accessible, reliable information in an industry that is so oversaturated with misinformation and confusing marketing that you know will steer you in the right direction.

I encourage you to shoot me an email if you start to implement this and have any questions for me! Also, below the graphics that are attached, I will also embed videos into this email to further help you with setting, tracking, and hitting your macro targets to start off 2021 stronger than ever. 

Who remembers my YouTube channel? & the 30 day kickstart series?

While a good bit of that content is outdated, I still reference this video to my clients ALL the time. 

This video lays out how to plan your day ahead of time on MyFitnessPal once you’ve set your targets, gives you some meal examples, and teaches you how exactly to play “Macro Tetris.”

I’ve started posting episodes of The Barbell Lifestyle Podcast to the YouTube channel, so you can see Christina and I as we break down different topics if you want to add video to your experience of our show. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notified about new episodes every Tuesday here!