June 2019: Three Exclusive Macro Friendly Recipes!

These easy, healthy and delicious recipes are straight from my 6-Week Summer Challenge that is for sale on my website!

I wanted to give you guys, my blog readers, something exclusive straight out of the challenge guide in case you had been thinking about purchasing it.

Screen capture straight from the EBook
discipline over motivation

The Six Weeks of Discipline Over Motivation program is fit for any individual of any experience level, regardless of whether you want to lose body fat or build muscle! 

The guide is 100 pages. It covers macro tracking, how to adjust your macros based on your progress, how to track your progress, grocery list suggestions, meal prepping, meal recipes, training tips, exercise substitutions and a full six week workout program that will teach you the basics and build the foundations of a toned, lean physique.

The challenge will also include a private Facebook group, Facebook live session Q&A’s to view, and a full VIDEO exercise library.

I couldn’t be more excited about the final product that came from this project. I initially launched the guide as a group challenge, the girls completed it, gave me their feedback on the book, and I improved it from there. This book went from 75 to 100 pages with that constructive feedback and I am certain it has everything you might need to succeed in your fitness journey. Those who complete this program are going to transform inside and out!!

To purchase, go to www.marissaroyfitness.com/product/discipline-over-motivation.