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Christina & Marissa asked for listener questions on Instagram, and you all delivered! They dive into some questions and provide
Christina & Marissa discuss Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, also known as NEAT. Don’t worry, they’ll tell you what NEAT is, let
nick licameli
Christina & Marissa sit down with Nick Licameli DPT, Injury Reduction & Pain Management Specialist for 3DMJ. They hit on
10 healthy habits for the new year bonus episode
Christina & Marissa give you 10 things you can do to up your health and fitness sustainability as we roll
Christina & Marissa talk about the ins and outs of reverse dieting, and how that turns into maintenance. They outline
Christina & Marissa take a deep dive into all things competitions. They talk about their personal experiences with competing, setting
Christina & Marissa talk about common dieting mistakes they see with their clients, and in the fitness industry at large.
Christina & Marissa go deep on the topic of burnout in training, tracking food, and life in general. They share
Christina & Marissa talk about how they came to love fitness, where they started, and where they're going.  ([0:00]) -

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