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Christina & Marissa talk everything scale related when it comes to your fitness journey. From how and when you should
Christina & Marissa sit down with researcher, powerlifter, and writer Greg Nuckols to discuss how different variables affect training! Greg
Christina & Marissa go deeper on some topics they touched on last episode, digging in to a little bit of
Christina & Marissa go over everything you need to know about nutrition before, during, and after your workout. They give
Christina & Marissa sit down with Doug Miller, CEO of Core Nutritionals, Arms Race Nutrition, 'Merica Labz, Merica Energy, and
Christina & Marissa dive deep into Programming & Progression in training. Are you training or working out? Find out as
Christina & Marissa dive deep into fat loss, covering everything you need to know to shed some fat as summer
If you missed my post on Instagram, then this is just for you. In these graphics that follow is my
Christina & Marissa sit down with Chief Science Officer for 3DMJ, Dr. Eric Helms. They dive deep into the Muscle
Christina & Marissa talk all things macronutrients, aka macros! They go into detail about each individual macronutrient, what some good
Christina & Marissa give you the rundown on how to find the best fitness coach for you. They go through
Christina & Marissa talk about strategies for handling your fitness journey when it comes to the significant people in your

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