6 Week Diet & Training Guide

Novice, intermediate and advanced lifter-friendly!

Your comprehensive guide to tracking macros, eating a diet that you LOVE, and training that is fun, efficient and effective for your goals.

With purchase, you will receive an initial set of macros from me (forward your order receipt to marissaroy.pt@gmail.com and I will get you set up!).

The guide includes instructions on how to adjust your macros and training each week, how to track and monitor your progress, directions for grocery shopping, meal prep recipes and more!

If you are looking for ONE place to get all the guidance you need for starting your fitness journey without having to pay a monthly coaching fee, THIS is it. For six weeks, $10 per week for the most detailed, informative, NO-BS approach fitness guide on the market.



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Your most frequently asked questions, answered!

You will be able to contact me primarily via email. For the weekly check-in, I communicate via the free video software, Loom, and encourage my clients to use it as well. The clients who are the most open and communicative always see the best results!

You will have a designated check-in day once per week.

I require pictures, measurements, weight, as well as other qualitative observations about your sleep, stress, hunger and satiety, and more.

Diet and training are all adjusted weekly (depending which service you choose) in Excel documents.

The coaching process should be collaborative between us, not just a one-way street. I will usually ask follow-up questions and prompt you to tell me about how the journey is going mentally with things like Non-Scale Victories, not just physically.

I will not write meal plans, as only Registered Dieticians are legally allowed to do so.

I use a variety of diet approaches, but we typically begin with a phase of tracking your intake to build awareness and nutritional knowledge. From there, depending on your goal, we may transition to targeting macronutrient ranges, otherwise known as flexible dieting, or we may transition away from tracking your intake and instead managing portion sizes and focusing on behavior change, moderation, and habit management.

My diet guidance will differ for each individual, since each client views food, diet, and making healthy lifestyle changes in a different way. I adapt accordingly to create the best avenue for long-term adherence and success for each individual I coach.

My approach to dieting is centered around making healthy lifestyle changes that will stick around, allowing you to maintain a healthy body composition and retain nutritional knowledge. The approach we use depends on what will be best for each client.

It will take about 3 months for you to see significant results, therefore my payment plans begin at 12 weeks. However, it is highly recommended to plan on working together for a minimum of 6 months or more, since my coaching is centered around long-term lifestyle changes.

I work with clients who are looking for a lifestyle change and are ready to commit for the long haul, not with those who are looking to just lose a few pounds for a special occasion in the short term.

Every plan I write comes with a strongly recommended supplement plan. This plan includes just the necessities you will need to see optimal results from following the program, such as a multivitamin, fish oil, or vitamin D supplement. I am partnered with a trustworthy local nutrition store that discounts all of my clients’ plans and ships nationwide (see About > Partners), so that I know my clients are getting the best quality product as well as the best value for their dollar.

I will provide you with several food lists that include great recommendations for what to shop for. The lists will break foods out into their macronutrient categories so you can learn what nutrients are in the foods you eat. Ultimately, you get to decide which foods you eat and no foods are technically “off limits.”

If macro tracking is the avenue we deem necessary for your goals, I will provide you with extensive information on how to learn to track your intake. You will receive personal guidance in your check-in emails, resources in your program, suggested meal ideas, grocery lists, meal prep recipes, and numerous YouTube videos. I will continually guide you and take the process of learning to track and manipulate your food intake at a pace that matches your learning curve.

When you sign up to work with me, I make sure to get a clear understanding of how “new” you are to lifting weights. I will tailor your programs to ease you into the process and strongly recommend that you send videos performing certain exercises to ensure proper form is used.

Your training is based on your RPE, or Rate of Perceived Exertion. The training plan has spaces for you to log your weight used, reps, sets, and RPE. I use this info each week to determine adjustments for all variables so that we push you harder without giving you more than you can handle. Proper form is assessed via video submission whenever prompted and I strongly encourage it, especially at the beginning of your fitness journey.

No. All of my plans are custom to the client and their resources, but it is ideal to have a full array of equipment to work with. I have created custom plans for apartment complex gyms, hotel gyms, and home gyms in the past with great success for those clients, so do not hesitate to ask about your circumstances if getting a gym membership is out of the question for you.

The less alcohol you consume on a regular basis, the better progress you will see. However, if social drinking is a part of your lifestyle, then the answer is yes (in moderation). You will be given calculations and recommendations on how to drink in a way that is conducive  to your goals.

This depends. Cardio classes like spin, boxing, or Orange Theory, as well as things like yoga and pilates are accommodatable, but I ask that you make sure to inform me about them. It is not advisable to do my training program on top of another strength training plan.

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