Coaching services

All coaching services are personalized just for you as an individual.
Everyone has a different starting point, genetics, metabolisms, the list goes on and on. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for someone else.
This is why I take the time to individually make each client a full workout program tailored to their level of fitness and prescribe the correct macros for your body.

Choose the perfect plan

Diet Only

Perfect for anyone who already knows how to train hard in the gym, and just needs guidance on how to eat properly to reach your goals!
Ever heard, “Abs are made in the kitchen?” It’s true! You CANNOT out-train a bad diet!
Learn how to eat a healthy, balanced diet, enjoy all foods in moderation, improve your mental relationship with food, all while reaching your goals!

FULL service coaching

Perfect for anyone who is ready to live a healthy lifestyle but doesn’t know where to start.
This package will be your best bet to getting the physique of your dreams, because both training and diet must be on point to achieve optimal results.
My full-service package not only includes physical protocol of dieting and training, but also guidance with mental strength and the psychological aspects of changing your lifestyle.

Training Only

Perfect for anyone who has a good grasp on eating to fuel their body, and needs guidance learning how to navigate the gym and train for their specific goals.
This package is also perfect for any intermediate or advanced trainees who know how to train hard, but need an extra push to get more out of their gym sessions!

Contest Prep

Only for select individuals who are ready to seriously train and diet naturally for a physique competition.
Coaching for the NPC, OCB or other natural organizations.
Bikini competitors, NPC wellness division, and men’s physique or classic physique only.

What my clients say

Multiple Training Only Packages

"Training with Marissa has been an incredibly rewarding experience in ways that I could not have anticipated. When I starting working with Marissa, I wanted to get stronger and have excellent form. I knew Marissa was the person to go to, after a mutual friend referred her to me because of her profound knowledge in bodybuilding-style workouts. "Before I started training with Marissa, I had consistent back pain when doing barbell back squats with even just the weight of the bar, and deadlifting anything over eighty-five pounds. Marissa was able to listen to my complaints and took them into account. She soon mentioned that I could have an anterior-pelvic tilt (APT) and she immediately began to train me accordingly. She had me go to a chiropractor, and he said she was right! Marissa and I rehabbed it accordingly, and I now can squat and deadlift more than my bodyweight; while getting compliments from other trainers and gym-goers on my excellent form! "Not only did Marissa increase my strength and perfect my form, she could take into account the multiple injuries I encountered along the way. She made sure I could continue training in a safe manner and still reach my goals. "In the beginning, I thought this experience was about changing my body and getting healthier, but it has been so much more than that; it has given me a new perspective on health and training. I am an all-around a stronger person, not only in the gym, but also mentally.  I can truly say she is one of the most knowledgeable and compassionate trainers in the industry. I wouldn’t want to choose anyone else to accompany me on my fitness journey. As Marissa always says, “trust the process”."
- Krista Day

12 Week Diet Only

“I’ve briefly worked with a couple other online coaches and honestly found those experiences to be a waste of time and money. After a few emails with Marissa, I was 100% sure I wanted to work with her. Not only did she meet my expectations as a coach, she exceeded them. “I worked with Marissa for a 12 week diet program. I had just finished a long reverse diet when we started, and I was ready to cut! From day 1 with Marissa, I was blown away by her professionalism, organization and expertise. The plan each week was clear, easy to follow and she was beyond willing to clarify and answer ANY questions. She truly wanted me to succeed, and she did everything on her end to make this possible. She knows her stuff and that gave me total confidence in her and the plan. She worked with me through any obstacles, injuries or emotional struggles. She was always timely in replying to questions and weekly check ins. She pushed me and challenged me and gave me motivation to actually push myself for the first time. I embraced the uncomfortable moments with her support, and I’ve never been more proud of myself. She encouraged me, cheered me on and celebrated my physical and mental victories. “I wanted to work with Marissa to reach my physical goals. And we certainly did that! I have lost 14 lbs (and I’m still losing!). I feel lean and defined and I’ve never seen my body look the way it does today. I’m more athletic. I now crush the HIIT cardio that week 1 made me want to throw up! I’ve lost a lot of body fat while still maintaining my strength in the gym! The physical progress we made together surpassed my expectations. “But more than the physical progress, the greatest bonus was the unexpected mental progress I made. I learned to be ok with the number on the scale each morning, no matter what it was. I became in tune with the subtle fluctuations of my body (stress, salt, sleep, hormones) and instead of focusing on those, I was able to maintain a clear big picture focus that trusted the process. I learned that going to a cookout or family dinner and being flexible with my diet was OK and possible! I learned how to enjoy my diet as opposed to feeling trapped by it. I learned that my body is capable of more than I ever thought it was. I learned that I will make time for the things that are important to me. Marissa showed me how to be both realistic and flexible while being 100% committed and focused at the same time. This is a balance I didn’t know was possible. Not only does she teach this balance, she models it in her life and THAT motivates me. It’s these things and the basic information and knowledge I gained from this process that I am most grateful for. “I highly recommend Marissa as a coach. I could not be more happy with the entire experience. I learned a ton, I loved working with her, and I love how my body looks! I look forward to working with her again!”
- Katie