Novice, intermediate and advanced lifter-friendly!

Your comprehensive guide to tracking macros, eating a diet that you LOVE, and training that is fun, efficient and effective for your goals.

With purchase, you will receive an initial set of macros from me (forward your order receipt to and I will get you set up!).

The guide includes instructions on how to adjust your macros and training each week, how to track and monitor your progress, directions for grocery shopping, meal prep recipes and more!

If you are looking for ONE place to get all the guidance you need for starting your fitness journey without having to pay a monthly coaching fee, THIS is it. For six weeks, $10 per week for the most detailed, informative, NO-BS approach fitness guide on the market.

How To Eat More And Lose Weight


Yo-yo dieting is now a thing of the past, and in this E-Book I explain WHY, and HOW to be successful in your weight loss journey.

Let me teach you everything you need to know about reverse dieting and building your metabolism so that you can achieve your fat loss goals and maintain your results- keeping the weight off for good.
4 week training program


This 4 week training program that is perfect for anyone starting out on their fitness journey, even if it is your first time setting foot in the weight room.

The program is extremely beginner-friendly, but can also be challenging for any intermediate or even advanced trainee. The workouts are different every day, but they keep a consistent structure to ensure you can get stronger and perfect your form on your compound movements throughout the month.
The program includes a recommended weekly schedule, extensive notes, tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of every exercise and every workout.

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