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6 Months Full Service

image of a fat loss transformation of a young womanimage of a fat loss transformation of a young woman

“When I started working with Marissa, I didn’t really know what my end goal was. I thought I would lose a few inches, tone up a little and learn some more about macros. However, what I gained through working with Marissa was SO, so much more.

I learned how to cut with macros and lift 5x/ week in the beginning of working together. I learned how to readjust my program when life got tough and I was always supported 100% when I needed extra help.

As time went on, the most important thing I learned was that I can maintain my weight and my body composition while being able to LIVE my life and not be so strict all the time.

My body confidence completely changed during my time with Marissa. This was in part to losing some weight, but mostly due to her constant reminder that I am progressing, that I’m more then the number on the scale, and that if I feel good, I should be confident and happy with myself.

Her workouts constantly pushed me to lift more than I ever thought I could and I learned to eat in a way I never thought I would desire to eat like. I now crave the gym, healthier foods, and of course, protein. I know how I need to eat and my body isn’t happy with me when I give it foods that I know aren’t the best for me.

I genuinely want to treat my body healthily so I can feel my best on the inside and out. I never thought I would get to a point where I truly wake up every morning wanting to treat my body as good as possible by making healthy choices. My biggest takeaway is the way that I now view fitness, which is as a lifestyle. Marissa left me with a long-term lifestyle and habits that I will never be able to part from.”

Julia R

6 Months Full Service

“Marissa’s coaching style is for everyone in that she is extremely adaptable to injuries and a hectic work schedule. I first came for help in diet coaching because I had no idea what a macro was and I knew that I had a very high metabolism and I eventually switched to both diet and programming. She really knows what she is doing. I went from a bench 1RM of 275 to a 1RM of 305 and working around back injuries I went from squatting 275 for a 1RM I can hit 275 for 8 reps. It also helps being accountable to someone to make sure I don’t slack off and not eat enough.”

Lucas R

8 Week Full Service

online coaching

After doing an 8 week session with Marissa, I truly enjoyed every minute of it! Marissa is the most caring and genuine trainer I have ever met.  She checked in weekly with me and made sure everything was in line.  She watched videos on my form and worked with me to correct them.  She always answered all me questions and emails.  She was always there for me for the whole 8 weeks and was super motivational through my session as well.

Marissa helped me to push myself during my workouts.  I probably never would have used the weights I did if it wasn’t for her.  She created all my workout in a way to push me to my limits.  I now feel stronger and will continue to workout this way.  I am a normal weight, but since her training session, my body has leaned out a tiny bit and I put on some muscle as well.  Which makes me feel great about the progress so far, and makes me want to continue going to see how far I can get.

I had never tracked my food before,  but Marissa explained everything to me.  I was so confused in the beginning, but she answered all my questions and stuck by me even though I wasn’t the greatest at tracking early on!  Marissa has helped me to be mindful of what I am eating, which I really wasn’t too careful of before.  I now know the correct balance of carbs, protein, and fats my body needs to function at its best.  It is definitely something I will now try to stick to for a lifetime!

Marissa is an amazing trainer.  She is full of encouragement, and she helps you to understand everything.  She always is sending me over tips & info to help me improve on my workouts and hitting my macros! Marissa always treated me like I was a priority, which is rare among a lot of other trainers.  She has helped me get out of my comfort zone and into a place that I am happy with.


8 Week Full Service


12 Week Diet Only





My first interaction with Marissa was through email. I found her on Instagram and sent her an email as a total stranger with a question about my fitness goals.  Her quick, friendly, knowledgeable and detailed reply immediately told me that she was different.  I’ve briefly worked with a couple other online coaches and honestly found those experiences to be a waste of time and money. After a few emails with Marissa, I was 100% sure I wanted to work with her.  Not only did she meet my expectations as a coach, she exceeded them.

I worked with Marissa for a 12 week diet program.  I had just finished a long reverse diet when we started, and I was ready to cut!  From day 1 with Marissa, I was blown away by her professionalism, organization and expertise.  The plan each week was clear, easy to follow and she was beyond willing to clarify and answer ANY questions. She truly wanted me to succeed, and she did everything on her end to make this possible. She knows her stuff and that gave me total confidence in her and the plan.  She worked with me through any obstacles, injuries or emotional struggles.  She was always timely in replying to questions and weekly check ins. She pushed me and challenged me and gave me motivation to actually push myself for the first time.  I embraced the uncomfortable moments with her support, and I’ve never been more proud of myself.  She encouraged me, cheered me on and celebrated my physical and mental victories.

I wanted to work with Marissa to reach my physical goals.  And we certainly did that! I have lost 14 lbs (and I’m still losing!). I feel lean and defined and I’ve never seen my body look the way it does today. I’m more athletic. I now crush the HIIT cardio that week 1 made me want to throw up! I’ve lost a lot of body fat while still maintaining my strength in the gym! The physical progress we made together surpassed my expectations.

But more than the physical progress, the greatest bonus was the unexpected mental progress I made.  I learned to be ok with the number on the scale each morning, no matter what it was. I became in tune with the subtle fluctuations of my body (stress, salt, sleep, hormones) and instead of focusing on those, I was able to maintain a clear big picture focus that trusted the process.  I learned that going to a cookout or family dinner and being flexible with my diet was OK and possible!  I learned how to enjoy my diet as opposed to feeling trapped by it. I learned that my body is capable of more than I ever thought it was. I learned that I will make time for the things that are important to me. Marissa showed me how to be both realistic and flexible while being 100% committed and focused at the same time. This is a balance I didn’t know was possible. Not only does she teach this balance, she models it in her life and THAT motivates me. It’s these things and the basic information and knowledge I gained from this process that I am most grateful for.

I highly recommend Marissa as a coach. I could not be more happy with the entire experience.  I learned a ton, I loved working with her, and I love how my body looks! I look forward to working with her again!

Katie B

12 Week Diet Only

Marissa’s diet plan really changed the way the way I was doing things. I had the weight lifting down but really saw results after I stopped restricting my caloric intake especially my carbs. She was always responsive and supportive, and had a solution for any type of bump in the road, like aching joints or not getting enough sleep.

Even with the personal issues I had, she was able to help motivate me, and help me remember why I lift, what my ultimate goal is, to not give up and relieve stress through lifting rather than sitting at home and wallowing in my stress. I’m really happy that I was able to maintain muscle mass while tightening up my skin from having kids and major weight loss.

Angela A

12 Week Diet Only

For me, this transformation was UNREAL. Marissa encouraged me to focus on ME and not get caught up on what anyone else thinks or looks like. Marissa helped me to realize that it wasn’t about the weight change but rather the change in the measurements and the pictures. I enjoyed checking in with her weekly to keep me accountable with tracking food, my measurements, and working out.

While I saw results physically, the biggest change for me was mentally. My well-being changed throughout the 12 weeks and I didn’t realize how toxic I was for myself until the transformation. Before working with Marissa, it was all about what I shouldn’t be eating and feeling guilty for ever having something that I was craving that wasn’t ‘healthy.’ I justified it by telling myself that it was summer and, in the fall, I would start eating cleaner and cutting calories. Marissa helped me to focus on quality of eating and not quantity. Tracking my macros wasn’t about dieting, but rather focusing on making healthier, sustainable choices and took the negative conscience out of dieting!

Marit R

12 Week Nutrition & Training

Marissa is an excellent coach and is very knowledgeable. She always answers any questions you have in a precise and easy to understand manner. The program is set up so it’s challenging but doesn’t feel overwhelming. It just requires dedication on your end. I’ve been so happy with my results! Didn’t think it would be possible to cut fat eating so much food. Bottom line she’s a great coach to help you further your fitness goals. What I’ve learned from her is invaluable and I definitely recommend her coaching!

Ariel L

One Year Full Service

male one year transformation photo

It has been exactly 1 year since I picked up my phone and sent a message to the ‘MR Fitness’ person that I had gotten information on through a mutual friend. Tired of working out every day and thinking I was eating clean with really no results and no accountability just inner frustration and disappointment, it was time to try something new.

“This is probably some know it all kid who can’t wait to charge me $$ in return for a few motivational words and tell me how great they are.” was my first thought. I was wrong, very wrong.

Marissa’s approach has been fantastic, flexible and understanding. As I spend most of my life coaching others and telling them what to do, it’s not an easy transition to be on the other end but we have made it work.

I am extremely happy with my progress and looking forward to continuing the journey. I am happy to admit that I have learned a lot and hopefully Marissa gained a tip or two. I cannot express how highly I recommend her.

Thank you, let’s keep going. pic of day 1 post workout and pic of week 52 post workout, note the journey included 1 cut, 1 bulk and another cut (well almost, another week or 2 to go).

Paul O Connell

6 Months Diet Only

“Marissa’s coaching style is designed to build habits that create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Each program is catered to you and your goals. I Worked with Marissa utilizing Macro counting and tracking my intake. Marissa has proven to me that slow, steady changes are always better than a quick fix – because quick fixes do not last! We are given a spreadsheet at the beginning of our time together that includes our target macros and where we track our weight. This spreadsheet evaluates more than just your weight but your sleep quality, stress, how your feeling during workouts, energy levels etc. Each week, we have a check in day. On This day, we each record a video using Loom to communicate how that week went, go over areas on the spreadsheet. Marissa will then evaluate and respond back with any changes we need to make for the next week or we keep everything the same. I like having that one on one interaction that is more than just a quick email. Marissa and I have had a chance to build a great relationship over the course of 6 months.

“The program has really pushed me to be accountable for my actions. Accountability was something I really struggled with in the past. Marissa realizes that we will not always be 100% perfect when it comes to diet and training. Her program really emphasizes in making this a true lifestyle by looking more at the big picture. She is understanding in that there will be days we don’t hit all of our targets or we go out to eat and we are off a little on our macros. I enjoyed having a coach that understands when “life” happens sometimes!

“I hired Marissa once I knew I was going to join the Air Force. I wanted to improve my body comp, lose fat, and build lean muscle as well as improve cardio endurance with running to be prepared for basic training. I worked with Marissa through a fat loss phase, reverse diet, and then maintenance. This transformation was the start of the fat loss to the now maintenance phase. I could not be happier with how far I have come. I would never think I could eat this much food and lose or maintain. I feel like I am THRIVING, and it feels amazing. I have so much energy in the gym as well as my daily activity. I am getting more comfortable not tracking every piece of food or weighing out everything and still holding around the same weight and seeing body comp improvements. Marissa really emphasizes practicing not using the food scales and tracking apps to builds habits that create a lifestyle. I enjoyed practicing with this her before I go off on my own! I have also gotten comfortable with not letting the number on the scale define who I am and its such a great feeling!

“The biggest takeaway from Marissa’s programming is changes take time! Habits take time. Building healthy habits every single day and practicing them with Marissa holding you accountable will set you up to create a lifestyle that is sustainable to you so that your results will continue once you are done working with Marissa.”

Theresa G

12 Week Diet Only

marissa roy fitnessI was never confident in my body, but simply accepted it. Once I went to college, I made it a goal of mine to defeat the “freshman fifteen”. I went to the gym five days a week and often chose salad opposed to pasta and pizza. No matter how much I ran or ate my veggies, the weight still packed on, slowly. It wasn’t until spring of my sophomore year that I realized I wanted a change for myself. I came across Marissa’s Instagram after my friend raved about working with her. I was instantly inspired and shot her an email inquiry through this website.

Right from the start, Marissa was eager to help and motivate me. Her prompt timeliness and organization made for an easy lifestyle transition. Prior to the program, I strictly did cardio and Les Mills workouts just to avoid the intimidation of the male-dominant weight room. I have just finished my first 12-Week Full Service program with Marissa and I am now SO much more confident in the weight room, and with my figure. Her videos helped me make a smooth transition by learning proper form and equipment usage thoroughly. We eased into heavier weight as I conquered technique and became stronger. Marissa was always posting encouraging videos of different exercises to assure proper technique and avoid injury. She was understanding and always open to questions, and responded in great detail. I went on multiple vacations during this training session and each time, Marissa taught me how to incorporate this flexible lifestyle into different times and places. Her lifts always had me breathless and sore the next morning. I went from eating roughly 1,200 calories a day to almost 1,900 and STILL lost weight while gaining muscle! Marissa taught me how to love food and not feel guilty about it.

Marissa is understanding, relatable, positive, and extremely knowledgeable, which never left me questioning the process. I honestly couldn’t tell you my biggest takeaway from this program, because I have too many to choose from! My mentality went from wishing I was thin to wanting and working for lean muscle mass. I now love food and cooking instead of fearing it. I have learned to portion size to better help hit my macros and goals. I don’t obsess over the number on the scale and don’t look at a weight gain as a step back but even potential progress.

It’s obvious that Marissa’s goal is to help anyone and everyone she can. She isn’t looking to keep all her knowledge for herself, but she really wants to share and teach the process to everyone she can. For anyone who’s looking for a coach who motivates, inspires, and pushes you past what you think you’re capable of, then I can’t think of a better person than Marissa.

Hannah B

8 Week Full Service

online coaching

Marissa’s coaching style was one I wouldn’t think would work because most people think that to lose weight you have to only eat healthy, cut out all sugars, most carbs, etc. Obviously didn’t know any better because it did work! It was really nice to be able to eat what you want as long as it fits in with your macros! In the gym, she pushed me to my limits, which showed me strength I didn’t know I had. This program pushed me to eat better and work harder, to points that I didn’t think I would be able to do. I was pushed in the gym and with my eating habits and this bettered me overall because I’m never going to go back to the eating habits I had before the program, which was spending all of my money on food and junk. I didn’t really go to the gym before the program mostly because I didn’t really know what to do and I wasn’t a big cardio person. This program took me to a whole level and helped me overcome these obstacles. 

I wasn’t so concerned about the number on the scale at the end of the day, considering I was building muscle which is much heavier than fat, but more of how my appearance and mental state was. At the beginning of the program, I was not confident in my body, and although friends and family told me I was beautiful the was I was, I personally didn’t feel that way. But at the end of the program, I was doing things I never would have done, like wearing fitted shirts, crop tops with shorts, or even being confident in a bikini. I dropped inches around my waist, my butt got more shaped and rounded(which is always good) and although it wasn’t too much, dropped weight on the scale!

My friends and family would constantly tell me I was beautiful the way I was when I mentioned to them that I was on a “diet”. Although comforting to hear, this did not change my mind one bit. It was never very important to me about what other people thought about my appearance, all that mattered was how I saw myself and how I wanted to improve. I did this program to make MYSELF more confident, not to please other people with my appearance. If you’re thinking about changing your appearance in any way, shape or form, don’t do it for others, do it for yourself! You’ll be happier with results and you’ll be more motivated!

Emily B

Competition Prep

contest prep








Hiring Marissa was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made through my fitness journey. I chose her because it’s clear that her social media outreach is legitimately designed to inform her audience, unlike many other fitness accounts. She exceed any and all expectations I had, and became one of my best friends throughout the process.

Not once did I ever feel overwhelmed with instruction or confused about what to do. She took her time and made it clear that MY success was her priority at all times. I have never had someone outside of my family take so much time and care to look out for me and always consider my best interest the way she did and still does. When I confided in her about my goal to compete, she took me under her wing yet again and I can’t imagine having had a better experience with anyone else by my side. You won’t regret choosing Marissa as your coach, for lifestyle, contest prep, or any reason in between!

Alessandra M

Multiple Full Service Packages

online coachingMarissa is awesome to work with, I’ve had multiple personal trainers in the past and I’ve actually continued to work with her for a long period of time. She definitely pushes you to push you to the edge, but in a constructive way and most of all, she’s your biggest cheerleader in your fitness journey.

I’ve always been on a roller coaster in my fitness and eating routine, but I’ve been able to stay consistent while working with Marissa. I went from weighing around 145 pounds at my heaviest to 117, which is what I weigh now. She also helped me mentally rewire the way I think about food and working out, so I care much less about the pounds I weigh, but I’ve learned to care more about the muscles that I build. I also went from being at almost 30% body fat to now 17%.

The most important thing I learned from working with Marissa is that consistency is key. There were weeks where I wasn’t 100% at the gym, or I binge ate for 2 days straight, but through Marissa’s reassurance and encouragement, every time I thought I had failed, I was able to get back up and push through. Working with her has helped with not only my physical endurance but mental endurance. Thanks Marissa!

Kristen C

16 Week Full Service


“I came to Marissa Roy looking for accountability to help me lose my postpartum weight during an extremely stressful time in my life. She coached me for 4 months and never once judged me when I would get off track. She was encouraging, professional, and realistic with her goals for me. She worked with me and together we created plan that worked best for me to help me stay focused and stay on track. I learned a healthy relationship with food. Meaning I am not removing any foods I enjoy or labeling them as bad but knowing I can eat them as long as it is within my allowed Macros for that day. I lost about 20lbs and several inches overall. I have more knowledge and confidence in eating the right foods my body needs and being able to maintain a healthy weight from now on. Thank you so much Marissa!”


8 Week Full Service






Marissa’s program has seriously changed the way I view a lot of things. Going into it, I had gained the freshman 15, my hormones were very inconsistent, I didn’t know what to eat correctly, and didn’t know what workouts to combine at the gym. After starting her program, right off the bat I lost 5 lbs, while eating all the foods I wanted, and barely sacrificing any time with my friends or family. While she pushed me, she understood when school or family had to be prioritized. Even after getting sick in the middle of the program, I still saw amazing results, not only with my body, but also with my focus in school and being generally more optimistic about many things. Her program has made losing weight and gaining muscle fun and enjoyable, and most importantly, HEALTHY; at no point did I feel malnourished or deprived of food. Seriously an amazing experience, turned my grades and life around. Biggest takeaway has to be that diets and nutrition don’t have to be about deprivation or sacrifice, and even when finishing her program, she’s given me so much advice that I feel I can stay in great shape on my own.

Maddy L

3 Months Full Service (Returning Client)

“I am fairly experienced in the fitness world. I have been lifting for almost ten years and I know a lot about nutrition. However, I hit quite the rut in my training and was having a hard time finding the motivation (or discipline) to hit the gym on a regular basis. I worked with Marissa much earlier in my fitness journey and I hired her to help me get back to a good gym schedule. It felt a little bit like pulling teeth at first, but Marissa worked with me to get to a schedule that really worked for me.

She really understands real life struggles and why sometimes hitting the gym and macros might not be the first priority. But at the same time every week I felt like I didn’t want to let her down and that helped me to stick to the plan. We worked near maintenance calories for the whole program, so I didn’t see a huge change in scale weight but did start to see my strength come back! My biggest takeaway was that I don’t have to be in a clear-defined bulk or cut all the time. Right now, I want to focus on more functional fitness and Marissa made a great plan for going forward with that.”

Ginnis G

8 Week Full Service






I was incredibly skeptical of an online coach for a really long time but decided to just do it one day and sent Marissa an inquiry email. I AM SO GLAD I DID! Working with Marissa has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. She was incredibly patient with my questions and comments and always responded timely with great knowledge about fitness and nutrition (both through email and with my fitness instagram account!)

I saw more progress- both physically and mentally, in the 8 weeks that I worked one-on-one with Marissa than I have my entire life of dieting and working out by myself. She taught me SO MUCH about macros, meal preps, lifting, proper form, etc- things that I never would have even thought about incorporating in my life before.

My biggest take-away from working with Marissa was that fitness and nutrition isn’t a short-term thing that you do once and stop once you get the results you want. It’s a lifestyle and that’s something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. You have to work for it and your body will thank you for it. I gained the self-confidence that I have always struggled with in the past through working with Marissa and that’s something I am super thankful for.

Every single time I felt that my day was off whether it was with my macros or in the gym, she was there to remind me that one bad day is not only okay but NECESSARY. In fact, those bad days are what makes the good days good and getting off track for one or two days does not mean that you throw in the towel and give up, but instead, you acknowledge that feeling and then you use that to fuel yourself to work even harder the next day.

Words won’t do justice to express how grateful I am to have been able to work one-on-one with Marissa. I look forward to working with her again in the future and I am so excited to see what the future holds for me with this new mindset, fascination and love for fitness that she has instilled in me.


Multiple Full Service Packages

online coaching

Marissa is an awesome coach. She does a great job of recognizing when she needs to be critical and when to provide encouragement. Her programs are awesome, every week I looked forward to getting my new macros/exercise plan! I worked with Marissa for a full year, and I only stopped because I am going to train for a marathon, and because she has taught me so much about nutrition, exercise and mental health that I feel ready to make my own workouts and macros. During that year, we worked a lot on mental health, consistency and building up strength. Towards the end we did a 14 week cut. That cut tested me mentally and physically but Marissa was always just a text away and she helped me through it.

Although my body did change a lot physically, my biggest takeaway was my mental health. I have struggled for the past four years with binge eating, using working out to compensate, and generally an obsessive relationship with food. But Marissa taught me that the first step to achieving results you are proud of is learning to love yourself just the way you are. Although this can still be challenging for me, I now understand how important it is. I am not stressed about getting to an ideal body weight or physique, I can be happy in where I am at now while still knowing that my hard work and consistency will pay off. And with healthy thoughts comes healthy actions. I haven’t even felt the URGE to binge in over a month now. Marissa is an awesome coach!

Ginnis G

6 Months Full Service

“I came to Marissa feeling very defeated. Since my days as a D1 athlete, I had tried every kind of crash diet and every kind of boutique workout, but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted to see. Marissa was so knowledgeable and understanding. I’ve struggled with disordered eating, but after my first meeting with Marissa, I knew I could trust her to help me with something as personal as my diet. Marissa took into account what I wanted to do and what my goals were. She tailored my program to how often I wanted to work out and what gym and equipment I had. It was also so easy to work in special events and holidays.

“I always felt seen and understood by Marissa. Throughout the entire process, she shared her knowledge with me and I learned so much. I no longer feel defeated. Now, I feel empowered and in control. I lost almost 20 pounds and several inches, and I feel toned and strong. The biggest takeaway I had from working with Marissa is that working out doesn’t have to be all-consuming, but it does need to be a consistent part of my life. Similarly, foods aren’t good or bad, and all foods can be worked into a healthy diet.

“I highly recommend working with Marissa. No matter if you’re an athlete or new to exercising or somewhere in between, she is generous with her time, energy, and knowledge. She has so many resources that she shares with her clients and wants everyone to be able to continue a healthy lifestyle even after the contract ends.”


8 Week Full Service






Working with Marissa was overall a great and much needed experience, although not face to face, she was able to motivate me and keep me going through our time working together. I work long hours so sometimes it was rough getting everything scheduled done but Marissa was always understanding and motivated me to still go hard in the gym and use it as an outlet, which led to great results. The Macro tracking system didn’t even feel like dieting, it was just monitoring what I ate and how much I was eating, which should be the case regardless of tracking everything or not. I can definitely say after working with Marissa, I will continue eating right and staying in the gym. I feel healthier, leaner, and my energy has skyrocketed. This program was everything I wanted in a trainer and more. Thank you so much Marissa!

Alethia Q

7 Months Diet Only

“Marissa was the ideal coach for me—working with her was equal parts fun and educational—she always emphasized her role as an educator on all things nutrition and training for a balanced and sustainable lifestyle. I learned so much from the feedback she provided on my check-in materials as well as her replies whenever I had a quick question through text or email. Marissa is a responsive coach who evaluated all the information I gave her about how I felt after adhering to the week’s macros. I felt comfortable trusting her with my health and am so happy with my results and the habits I’ve built as a result of Marissa’s guidance.

“Over the span of 7 months, I followed Marissa’s nutrition plan which involved tracking macros and adhering to a minimum of 8-10K steps/day. The first half of our time working together I was in a fat loss phase where I lost approximately 2-3 lbs, followed by a period of reverse dieting and maintenance phase where I experienced significant body recomp and lean mass gain. Looking back, my results are especially meaningful because they weren’t even what I was initially pursuing when I first started working with Marissa. In the beginning, I told Marissa I wanted to lose weight and be around 130lbs. I didn’t realize how happy I’d be at the same weight as when I started but now with noticeably more muscle/lean mass. I feel strong and well-nourished, and am capable of training at a much higher level than I was 7 months ago. Marissa’s program not only improved my body composition but also the way I mentally framed what my “healthiest, most powerful” body looked like.

“This is ultimately my biggest takeaway from working with Marissa. Fine tuning my nutrition to support my training goals and understanding what level of intake is appropriate for any given phase of life. Social events, celebrations, holidays etc. no longer make me anxious because Marissa provided me with various techniques and tools to ensure I can still indulge occasionally without sacrificing my mental or physical health. I’m so thankful for this mental freedom around nutrition—thank you Marissa for guiding me to a stronger, happier place!”

Kassandra T

12 Week Full Service

back side of a female fat loss transformationfront side of a female fat loss transformationside profile of a female fat loss transformation

“My time with Marissa has benefited me HUGELY in not only my physical being but my
mental being as well. I love how she gives 24/7 access to communicate with her
through text, as well as weekly video feedback about how the week went and what the
next week will look like. She communicates effectively in a way that is easy to
understand and very approachable and flexible – ultimately she aims to create a
program that fits the lifestyle of the client while aiming to achieve their goals.

I really enjoyed the training blocks that I completed while being coached by her, and I
appreciate how she can back up her methods with sound research that she can provide
if asked. I learned that I am capable of much more than I think and can push myself
further than I think possible. She also enormously helped me to develop a better
relationship with food and intuitive eating toward the end of my contract and set me up
to be able to eat without feeling the need to track every bite of food I eat, but also not
going overboard while having the freedom to eat whatever I want.

The biggest physical change I noticed over the few months was my body composition. I
weigh 1-2 pounds less right now than I did at the start, but my body looks dramatically
different than it did before, and the majority of that change came about before I went
into a deeper caloric deficit. She showed me how consistency and whole foods can
change body composition just as much and sometimes more so than being in a caloric
deficit can.

The biggest thing that I have (and will continue to) taken away from these past few
months is how to feed and fuel my body in a way that is balanced and free from guilt
and fear, and to not fear the numbers on the scale but to track my progress by how my
body looks (comparison pictures) and my progress in the gym.

I am SO grateful for Marissa and everything she’s done for me and taught me!!”

Evelyn M

8 Week Full Service






After a year of being away at college I realized I was in denial about gaining the Freshman 15. I was no longer happy with my body’s appearance and I didn’t feel like myself. I worked out every day when I went back to school, but I saw no progress from my efforts. That’s when I knew something had to change. Knowing Marissa from high school, I looked up her services and took a leap of faith. I started an 8 Week Full Service program with her the following week.

Marissa performed an in-depth assessment of my fitness and nutrition history and then began my transformation. I was given all the tools I needed to succeed. I was given information about flexible dieting, as well as tips on how to hit my macros every day. I was given detailed workouts and guidance on proper form with the option of videos from her YouTube or Client-Only Instagram page if I was confused. I was given information about the type of workouts and cardio sessions I was going to complete, and a fully devoted coach who was there to push me to be better every day.

I am not new to lifting; I have been lifting since high school, but Marissa showed me so many new things that I never would have been able to learn without her help. Marissa took the information I already knew and built upon it. With her videos, I was able to fix my form for multiple exercises, as well as learn that lifting the heaviest weight possible wasn’t always the best way to reach your goals.

I was not one to do cardio more than 3 days per week, or even to switch the type of cardio I was doing every day. Marissa had me doing cardio 4 times a week, doing both moderate intensity and high intensity interval training. Her pushing me to do this not only helped my body, but helped my mind.  I used to hate cardio, but now I absolutely love finishing out a workout with a even better cardio session.

Marissa’s weekly check-ins were something I looked forward to every week. Not only did a check-in keep me honest with getting my workouts in and eating well, but they allowed me to see the progress I was making. With every week I got better at reaching my macros, my body changed, and I felt a little better. With every check-in, I got nothing but encouragement from Marissa. Even if I had a bad week, she would point out the good and help me find a way to improve for the next week. She was there for me everyday, answering all of my emails and supporting me. It was almost as if she was in the room with me through my workouts.

The end of my 8-week session came and I thought I did well, lost 10 pounds and tightened up everywhere. I wasn’t necessarily trying to lose weight, just wanted to look and feel better about myself. It wasn’t until Marissa showed me my week 1 photo next to my week 8 photo that I realized how far I had come. With her help, I gained back my confidence and drive to better myself. She gave me all the tools I need to continue my fitness journey on my own. Because of her help, I push myself harder every workout and have adapted a healthier lifestyle. I highly recommend her fitness and nutritional coaching to anyone who wants to look and feel better about themselves. She truly is an amazing coach.

Emily R

16 Week Diet Only

online coaching






Marissa’s coaching style is a perfect fit for anyone looking to better themselves mentally and physically. She is extremely encouraging and positive at all times, making having a bad day or week pretty much impossible. The program she offers isn’t a cookie cutter meal plan that will make you lose a set amount of weight in a set amount of time. Instead, her program enables you to enjoy a healthy lifestyle that even the busiest of people can do. She understands that not everyone in the world can eat chicken and vegetables every meal, but she does positively push you to hit your macros so that you can see the physical improvement as much as the mental. This program helped me transform from someone who was both obsessed with and afraid of scales and mirrors to someone who can finally look at herself and be proud and confident.

Before this program, I was in a dark place where eating more than 1600 calories was an unforgivable sin that I would have to payback with extra cardio. As a Division 1 athlete, I wasn’t fueling my body enough and my grades and physical performance showed it. Throughout this program Marissa pushed me to increase my macros, and almost immediately I started seeing results. My mood was better, I wasn’t falling asleep in class, I could make it through practice without wanting to faint, and my stats improved tremendously. I started lifting exponentially more weight in the weight room and sure enough, my body became more toned. I didn’t lose a significant amount of weight, but I was surprised to see that after eating more I didn’t gain any weight either. The biggest part of this is that before, I was afraid to eat more than 1600 calories but now I am eating close to 2300 and am wanting more!

The biggest takeaway from Marissa’s program is that the mental side is just as big, if not bigger, than the physical. I will always want to improve myself physically, but in order to prepare for the future I have to be okay with the present. Marissa is one of the most caring and devoted people I have ever met and I am not sure where I would be without her.

Emily S

Multiple Full Service Packages

online coachingonline coaching






I’ve been working with Marissa for 2-eight week training cycles so far, getting ready to start my third. When I came to her, I had already lost 26 pounds and was in a severe caloric deficit, eating around 900-1000 calories a day (practically no carbs) and working out for an hour, 6 days a week. ​We spent our first two months together reverse dieting and working to increase my strength/muscle. She had me increasing not only calories, but carbs (hello cookies and bread!), all while working to increase my strength through weight lifting in the gym. Our past 2-3 months have been all about weight training with 1-2 cardio sessions a week. I’m now eating 1900 calories a day and spending 30 minutes to an hour at the gym 5, maybe 6 days, a week.

Marissa has incorporated all of my goals into my routine and it is completely customized. She tailors each lift right down to the number of sets and reps. While reverse dieting, I actually lost more body fat and almost 10 more pounds without meaning to, all by doing it correctly and in a structured program. In a lot of ways, Marissa gave me a normal life back. I’m now able to eat regularly, and I can make eating out fit into my macros. Make no mistake, it takes dedication and commitment to the routine to see results, but you WILL see results.

The biggest takeaway from training with Marissa is that she will push you, and you will be a better person for it. I’ve become happier, not only with the way I look, but the way I feel. I wouldn’t train with anyone but Marissa after working with her.

Abby B

8 Week Full Service






I never believed that online personal training/coaching could work. That is until I started working with Marissa. I now know it definitely can work but it all depends on your dedication to succeed and the trainer/coach you have. I love that Marissa’s training style was so thorough and easy to understand. It’s neat because I studied Exercise and Wellness in school and I thought I knew all there was to know about training but I was wrong. For me, it was so much more beneficial to be told what I needed to do from someone else.

She was super helpful and always available, when and if I had questions. She’s dedicated to her clients and it’s so awesome to know that she makes you a priority. You can tell that she definitely cares about her clients and the information that she is providing to us. I was really interested in IIFYM dieting and new & different workouts/exercises. Having the fitness background, I was very familiar with the gym and comfortable there but often found myself doing the same things when I would go. Marissa’s program pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and rut that I had been in for a while. The gym wasn’t fun anymore and I wasn’t seeing results like I wanted to but with Marissa’s help that all changed (cheesy but true)!

My outlook on dieting has definitely changed. I have naturally always had a smaller figure and have eaten what I wanted but that’s definitely caught up to me in the recent years. Flexible dieting has been super beneficial for me and so much easier to follow than some of the other strict diets that I’ve tried in the past. It has been so much easier to maintain over a long period of time. Getting to eat what I want and things that I like on a ‘diet’ is pretty great! My initial goals going into the program were to enjoy working out again and to make the gym a part of my routine. I’d say that both of those things have happened. I now look forward to going to the gym and do so about 4 times a week! I also enjoy my off days too :).

A few things I’ve taken away from my experience with Marissa are that the gym CAN be fun, you CAN ‘diet’ and still eat what you want, and working out is about looking good but also feeling good too. I’m so glad I finally bit the bullet and decided to get a trainer. Marissa you’re the best!”

Talya S

Multiple Training Only Packages

online coaching







Training with Marissa has been an incredibly rewarding experience in ways that I could not have anticipated. When I starting working with Marissa, I wanted to get stronger and have excellent form. I knew Marissa was the person to go to, after a mutual friend referred her to me because of her profound knowledge.

Krista D

6 Month Full Service


Working with Marissa was an absolutely amazing experience. I had been wanting to take on a personal trainer for a while but didn’t think I could commit to a strict schedule with an in-person/at-gym trainer. Not to mention how expensive those rates can be.

I knew Marissa from high school and have followed her impressive journey with starting her business and knew she would be a trustworthy place for me to start! I sent her an email and she was immediately so responsive and supportive – answering all of my questions and giving me so much information before I had even signed on as a client.

The 6 months I spent with Marissa were obviously impactful while we were training together – but I know I will take the lessons she taught me with me for the rest of my life. She works with you and what you need, creating a schedule for the number of days YOU can commit to working out. She doesn’t judge you when you make a mistake. She supports you when you’re frustrated. And above all, she gives supportive and INFORMED responses to all of your questions.

Moving forward from this experience I feel like I’m walking away with:

  • A greater sense of comfort going to the gym and using equipment I’ve never used before
  • A knowledge that the number on the scale is not the true measure of growth/success. My weight stayed close to the same but I definitely came to look a lot leaner and more toned – and my clothes started to fit better!
  • The ability to strictly count macros when I want/need to but also the ability to “eye-ball” healthy meals – knowing when to indulge and how to fit those sweet tooth cravings into my diet
  • A better understanding of my body composition and how to properly fuel my body to get the results that I want!

She’s the best – if you’re on the fence, DO IT!

Gillian M

8 Week Full Service

online coaching

I completed the 8 week full training program with Marissa and my experience was extremely positive. Even though the communication is online, the support and motivation was enough to help guide me through nutrition and workouts. Marissa is very detail-oriented and motivating online trainer.

I have had other online coaches where they send out generic advice, take my money, and forget about me. Marissa is the complete opposite! She was always available for any questions or issues I had. Her weekly check-in responses were always helpful and detailed enough to push me to do my best.

I felt having a great online trainer like Marissa worked for my busy schedule because it allowed me the flexibility to train when I want without having to meet a trainer at the gym. Having someone review my macros and workouts online has benefited me more than I ever thought. The time I have saved was spent on other priorities in my life giving me balance. I never thought I would be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle in my hectic life. I’ve always been “anti-trainer” but Marissa has shown me the light!

People at the gym have been noticing my progress and actually stop to ask what I have been doing. Not only has my body slimmed down, I have so much energy and confidence. I can’t enough how great of an online trainer Marissa is and that she truly cares about her clients.

Trang P

8 Week Full Service

Working with Marissa was truly transformational, I had no idea how attain the body I wanted and Marissa showed me the way. She is extremely knowledgeable regarding both diet and exercise.  Before working with Marissa I was in a vicious cycle of restricting calories then binge eating and had an overall unhealthy relationship with food and exercise.  With Marissa’s guidance regarding IIFYM and weight lifting I starting eating more and (not surprisingly!) feeling more energized and happier.  I was so excited that after a few weeks I started to see the toned body I had been seeking for so long.

Marissa was flexible with her approach yet firm with what she expected from a client to achieve results.  Marissa was always available to answer all my many questions about proper form, macros, etc.; I felt like she truly wanted me to succeed.  Weekly check-ins were a major motivating factor as it kept me accountable.  The program pushed me out of my comfort zone as I was a beginner to weight lifting when I started.  By end of the program I was lifting more weight than I thought myself capable of which was so empowering!  I feel more confident both mentally and physically.

Working with Marissa was invaluable to me, she taught me how to achieve a healthy lifestyle that’s maintainable.  My fear of food causing weight gain has shifted to eating to build muscle and get stronger.  I achieved the lean body I wanted and am able to keep it because of my time spent working with Marissa.

Laura N

12 Week Diet Only

“Reaching out to Marissa was probably one of the best decisions I made. During the duration of our time together, she was always reassuring when I had doubts of my progress and was very quick to respond to my emails. I reached out to her because I wanted to enter a diet safely, and not completely deplete my body of energy, especially due to my active. Whether I was trying to increase or decrease calories, Marissa was also able to give me advice of food that would help me reach those macronutrient goals without feeling too hungry or too full. My diet log was completely customized, and we were able to adjust as time went on to continuously see progress. By the end of our time together, I have never seen better results and am glad to say that I have a better understanding of macronutrients and energy the body needs. Thanks for everything Marissa!”

Christine M

8 Week Full Service

In July 2016, I reached my heaviest weight ever and was very unhappy with myself. I had been overeating and not exercising for the past few years and I finally reached the point where I knew I needed to change. I tried losing weight on my own for about a month and quickly was starving, hitting a plateau, and losing motivation. I came across Marissa’s Instagram page  while looking for fitness inspiration and decided to contact Marissa for both nutrition and fitness coaching.

Marissa asked many questions to understand my history with fitness and nutrition and learn more about me before we began and then sent me detailed workouts, tips, and nutrition guidelines. To be honest, I was overwhelmed when I first saw the workouts because I didn’t recognize a lot of the exercises or had never tried them before – I had never really done much weightlifting at the gym before or used more than 5-8lb dumbbells. However, Marissa always answered texts and e-mails quickly and helped me understand anything I didn’t get at first, and after the first week I was really comfortable doing all of the exercises. Now I love weightlifting have learned that it really changes your body in ways that cardio alone can’t.

Having weekly check-ins with Marissa and tracking my food really helped me make better decisions and stick to my plan. Even when I wasn’t the best at hitting my macro goals, Marissa was really encouraging and gave advice on how to improve the next week and how it’s not the end of the world to get off track now and then. Her coaching also made me realize that you don’t have to feel restricted on a diet to lose weight, it’s all about knowing where your food sources are coming from (protein, fat and carbs) rather than the number of calories.

By October 2016, the end of my first 8 week session I was down 18lb! Not only do I look and feel so much better, but I have now completely changed my lifestyle. I look forward to going to the gym  and have a much better understanding of the effects of food on my body. I signed up for a second 8 week session and lost 2 more pounds and increased my strength in the gym significantly, so I know I also gained muscle. I highly recommend the combination of both nutrition and fitness coaching, especially if you have never heard of “macros” before.

Jenn C

8 Week Full Service

online coaching







I contacted Marissa at the beginning of my first semester of college when I realized my body didn’t feel as healthy or fit as it had in previous years. Before training with Marissa, I had never lifted weights before, nor had I ever strictly dieted.

But Marissa made these two journeys doable by laying out every step in detail and making sure everything made sense to me. She also patiently catered the workout/dieting plan to fit my college lifestyle (limited time, dining hall food, etc). After an 8-week diet and training session, I felt like myself again—stronger, leaner, and more confident.

The most valuable thing Marissa taught me was that even if you keep a busy lifestyle, as long as you’re consistent and committed, you’ll see results. And the best part about her program is that she is just as invested in your progress and wellbeing as you are; she is so consistent and so committed.

Isabella M

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